subway surfers in sydney game


How To Play:

Do you like puzzle games and installation? This game will do, appears in the foreground character Kim kim and back the character of Jack jake and also tricky ricky and they’re skating in the streets of Sydney (Australia), you must store the details of that image in your memory because you will need to retrieve it when scattered and strewn pieces everywhere, advice/start putting the easy pieces and known place, and then harder, harder, because at the beginning everything is messy and cluttered, and need no basis on which to build the rest of the puzzle, the size of this game is : 692 kb only and within the mind games, you can compete with a friend on another computer, so WINS finished installing the puzzle in the shortest time possible, follow the instructions and the previous instructions will achieve the best results, apply in this entertaining and fun game too!

Game Category: subway surfers

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