Subway surfers memory match


How To Play:

Click with your mouse on a few random images in front of you to show, save each image you show well, if two pair, you have to click on them again, to disappear from the screen and advance in the game, repeat the previous process over and over until you finish all the pictures, Subway surfers memory match game idea with 515 kilobytes of memory, as you can see, it is good practice for your memory and your ability to recover in game characters round/phase there are 8 pictures, 12 pictures per second, and the third in 18 files, Which means that there are include in the difficulty of play over three stages, whenever I quickly whenever achieved more points in the latter, a side note/music at the beginning of the game and another game only, and cannot be canceled except by mute your computer! Have fun!

Game Category: subway surfers

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